Australian National Maritime Museum

  • Creative DirectorJeff Jaffers
  • DesignerLuke Simshauser
  • ClientAustralian National Maritime Museum

Luscious has recently delivered the multimedia audio-visual refit for the Australian National Maritime Museum – “Action Stations” in Sydney this year.
Working with the curatorial team, Luscious developed 24 interactive multimedia displays and variety of bespoke films.

Creative Producer, Jeff Jaffers has been at the helm of the project, drawing from his 20 years of experience as a TVC Director and Post Production VFX Producer and becoming a well recognised name in the industry for his progressive experiential ventures.

The design team at Luscious took on the challenge of creating an immersive, engaging user experience on robust platforms in a marine environment. The challenge was to create media that could captivate an audience covering the age group of 8-80 years as well as catering to visitors from non-english backgrounds, resulting in the translation of all displays into Mandarin.

“We focussed on taking the audience on a journey from the moment they enter the venue. We took archival photographs and footage and implemented new media formats that would best represent and display the content, engaging both image and film savvy audiences.” says Jaffers