Australian War Memorial

  • TitleExecutive Producer
  • Creative DirectorJeff Jaffers
  • Interpretive Design CompanyCunningham Martyn Design
  • ClientAustralian War Memorial

Luscious international has just delivered the Australian War Memorial Audio Visual refit for the First World War gallery exhibit. Working with the AWM curatorial team, Cunningham Martyn Design, Holly Digital and Sonar Sound, Luscious was given the task of Executive Producing the AV gallery experience. This encompassed over 100 digital touch screens, 3 major interactive exhibits, the entire soundscape design and over 18 separate films.

With only 9 months to deliver the project Luscious embarked on the both the creative and logistical task of coordinating the production, the three largest displays, which include the Gallipoli Touch Wall, Turning the Tables – Sir John Monash and AE2 – Journey into the Dardanelles, were by far the most challenging. Gallipoli Touch wall is an interactive display that uses existing archival aerial imagery mapped onto topographical geometry with multiple users being able to interactively explore the Gallipoli region.Turning The Tables is an animated linear narrative story on the battle of the Somme led by Sir John Monash. Using CG recreations and motion graphic sequences the gripping battle of the Somme with over 200,000 troops led by an Australian to halt the German advance.

The AE2 film is the tale of 32 men in Australia’s first Submarine entered the Dardanelles and under the orders of the British command to “Run Amok” did so on the first day of the landing on the Gallipoli Peninsula. Using a 3D recreation of the AE2 submarine the film revisits the amazing journey of Australia’s 1st Submarine and its attack of the Turkish forces on the April the 25th 1915. Sonar Sound was commissioned by Luscious to create an audio landscape that allowed the viewers to immerse themselves in the relevant display whilst taking them on a sonic journey through the various campaigns. Having displays situated close to each other posed a challenging task yet sonar delivered a cohesive audio design that integrates seamlessly throughout the gallery experience.The First World War Gallery opened on December 1st 2014 with the official launch in February 2015. The gallery has design and exhibition experience has so far met with positive press and social media reports.